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Yoga Fun For Kids And Moms

Introduce your children to a few fun poses in the morning and all of you will be energized and ready for a busy day.

Yoga is a healthy and fun way for kids to start the day, energizing their bodies and minds. It not only encourages kids to get active and happy, but it also helps them develop body and mental awareness. Most valuable, yoga teaches kids how to focus and calm their minds.

You can get in a little bit of quality time, family fun and exercise before everyone rushes off to school and work.

If you already have your own personal yoga practice, why not get the whole family involved? Yoga sun salutations take only a few minutes, so you can get in a little bit of quality time, family fun and exercise before everyone rushes off to school and work. The important thing about introducing yoga to your children is to keep it fun and playful. Don’t take it too seriously!

This quick kid-friendly sun salutation sequence is perfect for children ages 2-6 years. Animal noises are highly recommended.

Mountain Pose (Standing Pose).  Stand at the top of your mat with feet hips distance apart. Encourage your child to stand tall, strong, and silent like a mountain.

Sun breaths. Take three deep breaths, reaching from your toes to the sky and spreading your arms around you as wide as the sun. On the inhale, bring your hands from your toes all the way up, reaching toward the sky. On the exhale, let out a playful sigh and release back down into a forward fold.


Downward Dog. From the forward fold, walk to DownwardDog pose slowly. Make dog sounds together.

Horse (Downward Dog Split). Lift one leg in the air and go neighhhh! Repeat on the other side.


Cow and Cat. From Downward Dog, gently drop to your hands and knees. Arch your spine and bring your gaze up toward the sky. Mooooo! (What animal is that?) Round your spine, and gaze toward your belly button. Meooooow! Repeat until the giggles stop.


Cobra and Snake Breath. Lie flat on your belly. Press your palms into the ground and lift your chest up. Let out a big snake breath. Hisssssss!

Mouse Pose (Child’s Pose). Move back to Mouse Pose. Ask your child to stay “quiet as a mouse” for 5 seconds. You can increase the length of time with practice.

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