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These are the articles members of the ActivewearUSA community have been sharing this week. Check them out for yourself and find out what everybody’s been talking about!

Pilates: Functional Fitness

Exercise is essential for maintaining your health, but your workout routine also helps you to function well in your daily life.

Wake Up To Yoga

Start your day with a few simple exercises that get your mind and body ready to handle your busy schedule.
Rewarding Active Kids and Parents

When should we reward ourselves and our children for being active and what should the reward be?

Quick Lunch: Individual Vegetable Frittata

Vegetable frittatas are a great choice for a satisfying, tasty and healthy meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Gluten-Free Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake

Make a rich and delicious flour-less cake for your family in minutes. It’s a perfect dessert for everyone in the family, especially those who avoid gluten.

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