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Why Am I Looking Forward to Springtime?!

In spring time for most of us it is easier to maintain an active and healthy life style. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love spring time!

The More You Exercise The More You Earn At Work

What if working out and not working out could mean the difference between a higher paycheck and a lower income? Are you more likely to exercise if it means you will earn more money?

What It’s Like To Be A Pilates Teacher

Teaching Pilates is a lot of fun if you are passionate about Pilates, but its not only fun! Here is what you should know before becoming a Pilates teacher?

Kid-Friendly Meal: Healthier Mac & Cheese!

Create a healthier macaroni and cheese dish worth craving by using butternut squash in the sauce for a creamy texture and rich taste; reduced-fat milk and quinoa or brown rice pasta noodles for extra dietary fiber. Make this dish tonight and feel great about what you are serving your family!


Low Calories Sweet Potato Hummus

This recipe of sweet potato hummus is a lighter version of the traditional hummus which means you can snack happily – as long as you keep portion control in mind.

5 Yummy Super Nutrient Packed Red Foods!

Next time you are at the groceries look for the color red! These are my 5 favorite red foods that I recommend you eat regularly to boost your heart health, protect your skin, and reduce risks for cancer.


Healthy Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Satisfy your cravings for carrot cake without the massive amount of sugar and calories of the traditional recipe. Try this delicious healthier and low calorie carrot cake cupcakes!


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