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Put It All Together

How to reach your fitness goals of toned arms, a flat stomach and great glutes by using resistance training as the vehicle! Consider this a roadmap from start to finish!

Make Breakfast The Night Before: Blueberry-Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Most of us don’t have time for a proper breakfast and we end up eating something quick and high in sugar or calories. This recipe for blueberry-banana oatmeal smoothie takes 10 minutes and tastes even better if you make it the night before.


Chicken Pesto Tortellini with Kale and Peas In 5 Minutes

This chicken pesto tortellini with kale and peas is delicious, full of nutrients and quick! It is perfect to cook for a family dinner and if you are lucky enough to have leftovers you can eat it post workout the next day.

N’Oatmeal: Because Everyone Deserves Oatmeal In The Morning!

Since everyone deserves a nice bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning, this recipe of oatmeal is WITHOUT oats. Instead it contains healthy fats and fiber, is gluten free and grain free, which means basically anyone can eat it, no matter what diet restriction she may obey!

7 Best Foods To Refuel After Working Out

These yummy and quick snacks are perfect to eat right after your workout, they will give your body what it needs to recover, satisfy your hunger quickly,  and get you closer to your lean and healthy body goals.


Healthy Dinner In 30 Minutes – Vegan Bean Chili

Even though I’m not vegan, I actually prefer this version of chili to the traditional one. There’s just something so comforting and wonderful about the texture of beans when they’re used in a stew like this. During the cooking process, the beans soak up all the liquid in the pan, so when you bite into them, the outer skin pops, revealing a light and fluffy interior which you just won’t be able to get enough of.


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