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Lifting weight will not make you look manly. A guide for women and a book for lifting weight gradually and obtaining the benefits of this exercise.

The Healthy Root

Turnips are a super-nutritious vegetable that you can enjoy in a variety of ways. They even make great fries!



8 Things A Beginner Should Know Before Giving Up on Pilates!

If you want to get into Pilates but not sure how, here are 8 things you should know in order to incorporate Pilates into your life.

8 Tricks That Will Help You Work Smarter At The Gym

If you’ve been doing the same fitness routine for a long time and aren’t reaping the same results or have plateaued, it may be time to re-evaluate your efforts.

Comforting, Hearty And Healthy Cabbage Roll Soup For Any Weeknight!

If you fancy cabbage rolls but don’t have the time to make them, try this cabbage roll soup! It is quick and easy to make at home and has all the delicious flavors of the traditional cabbage rolls with a fraction of the fat and calories! All great reasons to pull out your soup saucepan now!

Raspberry Oat Cookies

These raspberry oat cookies are bursting with delicious tart fruity flavors and they are actually good for you.

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