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5 Healthy and Tasty On-The-Go Snacks

When hunger strikes there is no need to grab a quick bag of chips. There are healthy homemade snacks that are portable, and nutritious that will keep you satisfied during your busy day. Here are my top 5 on-the-go snacks.


6 Daily Habits To Burn off Stubborn Belly Fat

When losing weight, belly fat seem to be the last one to go. Here are 6 daily habits to adopt that will help you blast that stubborn belly fat for good!

6 “Healthy” Habits That Are Not So Good For You

From the vast amount of information online about health and fitness, it is not easy to know what is true and what is not. Here are the top 6 myths about healthy habits that are actually not so healthy.

7 Simple Tips to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Here are 7 easy to follow tips that will help you keeping a balanced diet for a long time, where you can also indulge on a piece of dessert once in a while without ruining your healthy eating goals.

Vegetarian Tomato Florentine Lasagna

Get your casserole dish out and make this delicious and healthy comfort food today. This vegetarian tomato Florentine lasagna is layer upon layer of thick and chewy lasagna noodles and tangy tomato sauce along with spinach and cottage cheese. Trust me, you will be obsessed with it and want to make it again right after the last bite! This recipe is full of the italian flavors we all love, but with a fraction of the calories and fat.


Yummy And Gluten Free Breakfast – Chocolate Banana Blender Muffins

Skip the muffins at the store, they are high in fat and sugar and are usually oversized. Instead make these chocolate banana blender muffins, with no added sugar, they have just the right amount of nutrition and yumminess your body needs at breakfast time in order to have a fabulous day!


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