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I Took A Break From Working Out And Lost Weight!

Taking a break from working out once in a while and eating the occasional piece of chocolate will not necessarily damage your weight loss plan. In fact, it may help it!


Which One Is Right For You, Yoga Or Pilates?

Both Yoga and Pilates are excellent methods that transform your body, mind and spirit in a positive way and bring happiness to those who practice. What are the main differences between Yoga and Pilates and how to know which is a better practice for you?


6 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

It is a whole life style and not one quick diet miracle, we all know it! Here are top 6 simple habits to take up along with an active life in order to lose weight fast.


Is One Glass Of Wine Equals One hour At The Gym?

So much buzz has been around recently about the finding that drinking wine has the same affect on our body as going to the gym. Before we skip the gym and have a drink, what’s real and whats not?



Very Well Adjusted Veggie Philly Cheesesteak!

In this recipe of veggie Philly cheesesteak, the all time favorite dish has been adjusted to a vegetarian diet, however it is so delicious you won’t miss the beef at all.


Healthy Breakfast – Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

Made from homemade oat flour, this healthy recipe for chocolate strawberry pancakes is a perfect breakfast to cook for your sweetie at Valentine’s day!

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