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4 Easy Tips That Will Make You HAPPY Right Now!

After being surrounded with family, friends and celebrations in the holidays, are you feeling a little lonely? No worries, you don’t need a holiday or family around you to be happy right now, here are 4 easy tips to be happy today.



Scoliosis Effects More Than 6 MILLION People In The United States Alone. Here’s How YOGA Can Help

In the United States there are around 9 million people who suffer from Scoliosis. Here are 3 yoga poses that can help reduce the pain.


 7 Foods That Will BOOST Your Run!

Full of nutrients these 7 natural and quickly prepared foods will maximize your energy and endurance during a run as well as your overall health!


5 Ways To Get Motivated To Exercise This Winter!

Keep these 5 strategies in your mind so that the cold winter won’t be an excuse not to exercise.



3 Colorful Recipes ANYONE Can Make Today!

Whats for dinner? Try these 3 recipes for delicious meals that are packed with colors, nutrients and flavors, that the whole family will love!


Quick Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Wraps are a lunchtime favorite because they’re quick to assemble and easy to take with you on the go. Here’s a healthy take on another favorite, buffalo chicken wings.


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