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These are the articles members of the ActivewearUSA community have been sharing this week. Check them out for yourself and find out what everybody’s been talking about!

The Power Of Habit

Book review: The power of habit, Why we do what we do in life and business.

Twists for Digestion

Yoga poses with twists relieve lower back pain and aid with digestion. Learn how to do these three yoga twists and enjoy the benefits immediately.

What’s The Deal With Chaturunga?

Practical tips from an experienced yoga instructor that will help you practice the Chaturanga asana correctly, without risking your shoulders or knees.



3 Make-Ahead Holiday Breakfasts

A night before Christmas make these delicious healthy breakfasts so that on Christmas morning  you can spend your time with your family relaxing.

3 Lighter Holiday Desserts

Indulge on delicious desserts during the holiday without pausing on your healthy or weightless goals. 3 easy recipes for wonderful desserts your whole family will love.

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