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Take Elliptical Training Up A Notch
A workout on the elliptical trainer is as challenging – and effective – as you make it. With this high-intensity workout plan, you can use the elliptical to reach a new level of fitness.



The Anatomy of “Runner’s High”
The good buzz you feel after a hard run or other strenuous exercise is your brain rewarding you for the hard work. A neuroscientist explains how it works.



Pilates Is For Runners
Whether you run to stay fit or to compete, Pilates exercises help you strengthen key muscle groups, reduce your risk of injury and go faster.



The Fun Way To Run Faster
Saying “Fartlek,” Swedish for “speed play,” may make you laugh, but you get serious benefits from including it in your training regimen.



The Right Yoga Teacher for You
It used to be hard to learn yoga properly because there were so few yoga teachers. Now it’s hard to learn yoga properly because there are so many yoga teachers.



Choosing Healthy Carbs and Fats
Carbs, protein and, yes, fats are essential to a healthy diet. A dietitian explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy sources of these vital nutrients.



30 Minutes to Dinner: Chickpea Curry
An authentic Indian curry doesn’t require simmering in a large pot for hours and hours. This flavorful version is ready in less than a half hour.



Healthy Treat: Chocolate Lover’s Popcorn
You can turn ordinary popcorn into a sweet and tasty treat that’s low in calories and high on flavor – without loading it down with calories.

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