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7 Tips for a Better Yoga Body

Embrace yourself, take yoga off the mat and as you release your expectations, you’ll step into the perfect yoga body.


Yoga Poses Happy Hands and Wrists

Perform these postures at the convenience of your home or work and help relieve pain or discomfort in your hands and wrists.

5 Dance Fitness Clothing Must-Haves

Choose ideal workout clothes which combine practicality and fashion for your next dance or yoga class, here is how to test fit your activewear.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

These 5 tips will help prevent getting sick while traveling.


How to Pick a Healthier Cereal

A few tips for how to read between the lines when you shop for cereal and choose healthier ones among the huge selection out there.
Beef With Cauliflower

This beef with cauliflower dish is quick and easy to make at home using only whole foods. It is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the entire family.


Cranberry Orange Granola Bites

Making your own granola bites is quicker and easier than you think, and these are delicious healthy treats for you and your kids.

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