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4 Remedies For Sore, Achy Muscles

If you have achy or tired muscles after a hard workout, try these four remedies to rejuvenate your body and get back on your feet quickly.

5 yoga poses for an energized day

Tomorrow start your day with these 5 yoga poses and feel energized to take on what your day brings.

Start Strong, Finish Stronger: Killer Warmups And Cool Downs

Take time to warm up before you exercise and cool down after to be sure you get the most from your workout and stay injury-free, especially when the temperatures are frigid.

Teacher Burnout

As a fitness instructor you ought to not only take care of your clients but also yourself. Read here how to create and maintain a successful fitness career.

Easy Family Dinner Celeriac soup

Your family will love this easy to make celeriac soup , it is delicious, full of vitamins and low in calories.

Tuna Melt

This recipe of Tuna Melt, is low in calories and full of delicious flavors. We also sneaked a few veggies into it to make it even healthier and more satisfying.

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