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How To Lose The Last 10 Pounds 

The last 10 pounds are the hardest to loose, however these tips will help you shed those pounds off by following an even healthier life style.


3 Friend-ilates Poses: Strength in twos

Pilates with a friend, Friend-ilates, can be more effective for your body as well as more fun for your soul than practicing alone. Learn 3 Friend-ilates positions from an experienced and enthusiastic Pilates instructor.



Calm Your Mind With Yoga For A Restful Sleep

If you are having trouble unwinding your mind before bed time and would like to have a deeper more restful sleep, these 4 yoga poses are for you!



Bone-Building Exercises
Bone-building is an important reason for exercising, here are a few exercises that will keep your bones healthy and prevent low bone density later in life.


3 Ways Science Helps you Avoid Diet Pitfalls
Learn how science can help you turn your body’s hunger biology in your favor, and can save you from over-eating.



How To Create Reality From Your Dreams

Keep trying, work hard and ask the universe for support in order to change your dreams into reality.



Apple Pie Smoothie
Satisfy your cravings for apple pie with this apple pie smoothie, which is full of vitamins, minerals and sensational flavors. And it is easy and quick to make at home.

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