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3 Yoga Poses That Relieve Anxiety
This trio of simple postures helps you to release stress and tension, and manage your everyday concerns.



6 Yoga Poses for Happy Shoulders
These half-dozen postures help relax tight shoulders, relieve headaches and back pain, and even lift your mood.



Eating Healthy in Airports
Finding good food when you’re traveling isn’t easy, but with these hints from an experienced traveler you can turn up a few healthy choices in the terminal.



Myths and Truths About Weight Training for Women
If you want your body to be as firm and healthy as it can be, add weight lifting to your workout routine.



Best Tips for Hot Summer Workouts
Remember these smart hints before you exercise during the season’s most sweltering weather.



4 Foods That Help You Heal
When you’re trying to bounce back from injury or just everyday aches and pains, include these healing ingredients in your daily diet.



Healthy Lunch: Lighter Chicken Salad
The lunchtime classic gets a makeover with fewer calories and less fat, but still all the flavor you know and love.



Strawberry Lemon Cookies
Nothing says summer like the sweet and zesty combination of strawberries and lemons. This recipe combines these fresh and delicious flavors in the form of a healthy cookie which you can enjoy as an occasional snack, without feeling guilty!



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