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Strong And Sexy Summer Leg Workout
Tone the large muscle groups in your lower body with these basic exercises and get a body you’ll be proud to take to the beach.



Why Active Kids Excel
Research shows that when children are physically active, they get stronger mentally, emotionally and socially, and increase their likelihood for success in all aspects of their lives.



Fit and Fabulous At Any Age
Ignore the illusion of perfection and everlasting youth and embrace the beauty that comes from an active, healthy lifestyle.



5 Smart Hydration Tips for Summer Workouts
Sweating a lot during these hot summer days? Remember these simple ways to help your body perform better and recover faster when you exercise.



Body Image: Stop Comparing and Be You!
Three simple strategies for building your confidence and fighting off negative feelings.



8 Healthiest Grilled Foods
If you love to eat food cooked over an open fire, you don’t have to settle for high-calorie burgers and hot dogs. Try these healthier options next time you’re ready to use the grill.



Breakfast Veggie Wrap
Pass on the drive-through and fuel your busy day with a nourishing and satisfying homemade breakfast you can make in minutes.



Healthy Treat: Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
A yummy homemade dip is a fun and nourishing complement to fresh fruit.




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