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Peer Pressure Helps With Weight Loss
Everybody’s doing it! Family and friends can play a critical role in helping you to live and eat more healthfully.



Simple Ways to Eat Healthier
You can enjoy delicious food and good health by eliminating high-calorie ingredients and making simple, smart choices.



 Stretch Before Or After Your Workout?
Taking time to loosen your muscles and their connective tissues is a critical part of every exercise routine, whether you do it at the start or end of the workout.



 3 Pro Tips For Racing Success
You’ll feel better during any race and after if you remember these few tips on keeping your mental focus when you step to the starting line.



Yoga For Kids and You
Every member of the family benefits from the physical and mental exercise of yoga.



2 Cool Camp-out Workouts
Try this fun routine when you’re spending time this summer in the Great Outdoors.



The Best Running Shoes For You
An experienced runner shares her hints and tips for choosing the perfect pair for your needs.



Roasted Spicy Sweet Potato Salad
Everybody’s favorite side dish gets a healthy makeover and even more flavor than the classic recipe.



Healthy Breakfast: Sunrise Smoothie
Start your day with this nutrient-packed and so very refreshing drink.



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