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Win a Sebring Folding Fitness Treadmill!
ActivewearUSA and Yowza Fitness are teaming up to bring you a big Sebring Folding Treadmill Giveaway! Sign up for your chance to win your handy no-excuse fitness machine!



Healthy Girls Night Out With Lozilu
Enjoy real fun with your besties while keeping fit and supporting a great cause.



Bedtime Yoga
Prepare your body and mind for peaceful snoozing with these four relaxing poses you can do right before you hit the sack.



The Style Of A Champion
Meet Alysia Montano, a five-time U.S. track and field champion, an Olympian, a fashionista and now a mom-to-be.



Find Your Perfect Pace
When you run a 5K or any race, you’ll be happier with the results if you take the time to plan before you start.



Layer Up For Spring
In this season of dramatic weather changes, prepare yourself with smart layers like these that take you from workout to hang-out in style.



Gluten-Free Protein Bars
The first in our new series on gluten-free foods, this recipe shows you how easy it is to make your own snacks to go using simple, natural ingredients.



Veggie Tortilla Pizza
With this fast and healthy recipe, you can add pizza night to your weekly meal plan without having to worry loading up on calories.



Gluten-Free Spring Rolls
Try these simple spring rolls for the happy taste of takeout but with far fewer calories.



Healthy Snack Review: Chia Squeeze
We checked out a convenient, fun and fruity snack for active people of all ages.



Healthy Treat: Homemade Mango Rollups
Make your own fruity snacks with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It’s so simple and takes only a little of your time.


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