What To Wear For Yoga

Fashion Insights by an experienced yoga instructor, about how to wear your yoga clothes with style, not only for class but also for coffee with a friend.

As a yoga teacher I frequently find myself staring into my closet and wondering what to wear on one of my magical and rare days off, or for an afternoon meeting between classes. As my outfits consist of 90% yoga clothes, it can tend to make getting dressed (and seasonal changes) quite difficult.

As the weather begins to give us crisp mornings and warmer afternoons, crops give you so much versatility.

Fortunately I have a Stitch Fix, Pinterest and Activewear USA obsession. Last week I received three new pairs of leggings from Phat Buddha and couldn’t put them on fast enough!

The first pair was a long pair of black leggings with a high waist. They are perfect for an afternoon yin session or a pumpkin spiced latte with a friend. I paired them with a cute pink yoga top for class and then threw a light pink sweater over it for my creative collaboration meeting with a friend. One of my favorite things about leggings is their diversity, especially if they are dark blue or black!

This week I am anxiously awaiting another Stitch Fix that will include my first pair of jeans in a LONG time. I am so excited! As a yogi, I have an abundance of scarves and wraps that I plan to wear with my new denim. Currently, I have my eye on this Ganesha tank that I think would go so well with a long black wrap! The perfect casual fall outfit that still embraces that boho spirit and yoga lifestyle.

Ganesha Tank:



Another amazing summer to fall item is crops. As the weather begins to give us crisp mornings and warmer afternoons, crops give you so much versatility. In the morning, I tend to wear them with leg warmers and boots, but keep a pair of flip flops in my car and studio (just in case). I recently received the most amazing pair of glitter leggings from Phat Buddha. These crops are definitely for the more full teaching days, but paired with the right top I may run a few errands in them. The thing you need to remember with bold pants and patterns is confidence. You can wear ANYTHING you want to, as long as you have that extra bit of confidence as you run those errands. Don’t put your head down at the bank wishing to not be noticed, stroll in and talk to the cute teller behind the window with a big grin on your face. Own those fun crops!

If fun crops and confidence is just not your style, try pairing a darker colored legging or crop with a straight yoga top. If you have plain yoga clothes in your wardrobe, you’re able to throw more sweaters, wraps and scarves on to create a full outfit. Remember to never hide behind a scarf, but rather wrap yourself in elegance and grace.

These past few weeks, my scarf collection has grown. Walking my puppy has involved crunchy leaves and cooler air. Pumpkin spiced everything is running my every business meeting and fall is coming into full bloom. Go on over to the shop and check out some new styles to help your transition to fall.


Here are items I mentioned:

Prana Black wrap


Glitter leggings\Plain leggings






  1. Great tips but where did u get the jogger looking pants on the right?

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