Top 3 Fitness And Health Podcasts to Check Out!

Podcasts are a great way of learning new things without interrupting your busy schedule at all. While commuting to work or while folding the laundry, you could be learning a new language by listening to podacsts. Here are 3 of my favorite podcasts!

Anyone reading listen to podcasts? I will admit that prior to this year, I didn’t even know what podcasts were – I thought it was some new/other form of social media and had no interest in being stuck on the internet or my phone more than I already am.

I also love to listen to them while I’m around the house, cleaning up, doing laundry or baking

However, podcasts are actually a great tool for learning and listening to leisurely content, interviews, news and hot topics anytime on your phone, mP3 or via your computer. It is a web-based broadcast of audio, a modern-day method of sending audio content to you anytime at your convenience.

I started listening to podcasts when I wanted to listen to something other than music while out running or on a leisurely walk or traveling (a.k.a stuck in the car for awhile). I also love to listen to them while I’m around the house, cleaning up, doing laundry or baking; it provides a great learning tool or a relaxing tool (depending on what you’re listening to) versus having the TV on in the background. Since then, I’ve been hooked and eagerly look through my list of subscriptions each day to see which episode strikes my fancy.

I tend to listen to a variety of podcasts ranging from physiotherapy episodes to running to nutrition to comedy to training to motivational tips. Here are 3 of the top podcasts I’d like to recommend to you to check out!

  1. RunnersConnect Run to the Top Podcast
    I knew about RunnersConnect through their website and they have easily become my go-to podcast. Catering to all levels of runners, whether you’re an expert or an absolute newbie who has been bitten by the running bug, you’re bound to find interesting, motivational and informative episodes that you’ll enjoy. RC pride themselves on their “no-fluff” approach meaning you’ll find content that presents new research or information on injury prevention, recovery, nutrition, supplements and strength training. I appreciate these episodes but I particularly enjoy their interviews with runners themselves from ultra runners to Olympians to everyday-Jane’s and Joe’s who went on to achieve great accomplishments in the running field.
  2. Beauty Inside Out with Kimberly Snyder
    Kimberly Snyder, CN, is the author of the Beauty Detox books, educating and highlighting the benefits of a vegan diet for health, wellness and beauty. What I love about this podcast is that I am not a vegan, but I never feel out of place or barraged with converting to veganism or like I don’t belong. Kimberly has a very compassionate, easy-going, generous vibe to her and while she is passionate about living a vegan lifestyle, she really just wants everyone to do his or her best towards living a healthier, happier life and contributing to a greener world. I’ve enjoyed her Q & A podcasts as well as her opening up on topics about self-love, self-esteem and educating us further on the protein myth (as in you can get enough on a vegan diet).
  3. The Rich Roll Podcast
    I read Rich Roll’s book “Finding Ultra” about a year ago and was fascinated about his life-story as a former alcoholic, overweight lawyer to a later-in-life plant-based, vegan, lean ultra runner and athlete. I didn’t expect to enjoy his podcast so much as I sometimes felt that the author was a bit self-focused (as most elite athletes are/have to be I suppose) in his book. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find his podcasts delve far beyond adopting just himself or preaching a vegan lifestyle (not that I’m against that!); rather he goes into all things wellness, creativity, spirituality and entrepreneurship in his interviews, interviewing some familiar and not-at-all familiar people along the way. Roll has a very relaxed, easygoing and almost altruistic manner about him (at least what I can garner from a podcast!) that will leave you wanting to seek out more of his episodes.

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