This Weeks Top Five

Just in case you missed it, these are the five top articles members of the ActivewearUSA community have been sharing this week. Great news: You can still check them out for yourself!

Smart Strategies for Cold Weather Workouts
The best way to warm yourself when the temperatures are frigid is by getting sweaty. But before go outside, get hints from a pro on exercising in winter.



Yoga Rules for Expectant Mothers
Pregnancy is a beautiful time to enjoy yoga and all of its benefits. Our founder, a mother of three (with another on the way), shares her guidelines for getting the most from your practice while keeping your baby safe.



Choose A Better Energy Bar
How can you tell if your go-to snack is a boost of nutrition or just a candy bar disguised as healthy food? An expert explains the differences so you can make the smart choice.



The Perfect Family Activity
Hiking together is an easy and fun way for kids, parents and even grandparents to be active and enjoy each other’s company.



10 Questions to Ask Before Joining A Gym
Thinking about signing up at a health club? Get the answers to these crucial questions first.

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