Steal Her Style: Beyonce

Who runs the world? (Active) Girls! So who better to start this series with than Beyonce?

She can go from vulnerable to powerful in seconds with her art, she is inspiring us to be ourselves, she’s making sure we understand feminism and she gives us the best grooves to move our bodies to. If you notice in her last videos, Queen Bey is rocking some activewear like nobody’s business.

The main lessons from her style are: 1. Keep the balance – if you go bulky on top, keep the bottom tight, and vice-versa, and 2. Do not be afraid of patterns or a sexy see-through.

Now let’s get on with our search:

Long Tees + Shorts
Choose among our long tees something that will go great with a pair of sexy yoga shorts that you claim your signature piece. And then pop out this song to dance to.

Bonus Beyonce Points: If one of your pieces has a see-though part!


In the picture above: Alo ActivewearPath 3/4 Sleeve Top and UpVibeRunner Spring Flowers Shorts

Sexy Tops + Patterned Leggings

Go through our sexy workout tank tops and combine one with a pair of patterned workout leggings, crank up the volume to this song and get a workout looking fabulous.

Bonus Beyonce Points: if you wear a piece with a positive message on it.


In the picture above: Phat Buddha - MacDougal Tank and Body Angel ActivewearLove Leggings

Fun Activewear + Brazilian Activewear
Combine a fun activewear piece with the Brazilian Activewear which is high on sexy. Listen to this song and rock your fitness routine.

Bonus Beyonce Point: Animal print, duh!


In the picture above: Body Angel ActivewearThree Strings Long Top and UpVibeRockstar Yellow Safari Capri Legging




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