No More Snacks!

Are we giving our kids too many snacks? Is the snacks culture getting out of control?

When I was a kid there were no snacks. We had 3 proper meals each day and mainly fruit in between. My mom didn’t have a whole cupboard full of snacks. When my mother in law collected her kids from school she didn’t bring any snacks for the car, and when our parents were kids they came back from school and went outside to play until they were called for dinner.

We, as parents need to take on a new challenge and avoid turning snacks into a pacifier!

Today’s kids eat several snacks a day, and most of the time these supplement their meals. They have a snack in the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and since dinner doesn’t appeal as much, they don’t eat all of it, and then they ask for another snack before bedtime. In actual fact kids stomachs are always full and therefore they really don’t have much of an appetite.

I think parents naturally don’t want their kids to go hungry but they are not sure how much, and how frequently they should be given snacks. In addition, it is quick and easy to make a child stop crying with a cookie. However a lot of kids (and adults) today are constantly snacking and obesity is a growing issue in America and Europe. We, as parents need to take on a new challenge and avoid turning snacks into a pacifier!


There is nothing wrong with being a little hungry between meals. On the contrary, experts say it is actually healthy and it turns kids into better eaters. As a rule children will eat more dinner if they snack less.

Although it is ok to have cookies and crisps once in a while it should not be every day, it should be considered as a special treat.

What do you think, no more snacks for our kids at all? Would you and your family take on a “no snacks” challenge for a couple of weeks? And by “snacks” I mean processed snacks full of sugar, salt, and similar non-pronounceable ingredients.

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