Boost Your Workouts Naturally with SMS Sync Headphones

Wireless, with excellent sound and cool design, these new SMS SYNC headphones are a great reason for picking the priority for exercise well up!

I have been off of sports recently. My baby keeps me up at night and my work and family keep me so busy during the day. I know, excuses, excuses, we are all in the same boat.

I put them on and felt like I am in a different place just my music and me and forgot that there are people around me.

Its well known that new fitness gear is a great motivator for running that extra mile. Whenever I get myself a new activewear outfit I am more likely to hit the gym the next morning and workout harder than if I wore the same old outfit.

I had the honor of reviewing these SMS SYNC by 50 on-ear wireless  sport headphone and it was such an amazing experience. My hubby set One Republic radio up for me in Pandora and connected my phone to the headphone through Bluetooth. As soon as he put them on my ears, I loved them and I started dancing. The sound quality is unbelievable and it is great not to be constraint by the wires. I put them on and felt like I am in a different place just my music and me and forgot that there are people around me.

 This new Sport version of the SYNC by 50 On-Ear Headphone is a remarkable combination of best-in-class technology and studio mastered sound and is perfect for the listener that won’t sacrifice quality sound for an active lifestyle. As a bonus, they also feature supple, stitched perforated-leather and comfortable memory foam cushions.


A couple of my girlfriends happened to be here when the headphones came in, and they also tried them on. They both said where can I get these and when they heard the price (Around $200) they said they would buy it in a heat bit!

This morning was another crazy morning after the baby woke me up multiple times at night so again I didn’t go to the gym. I dropped off the kids at school and straight away dived into my work. After a light lunch I felt that it would be good if I did some workout even if it is 15 minutes. I put on the wireless black/pink headphones and listened to One Republich, Maroon 5 mix on Pandora. I went outside, got into the trampoline and jumped like a little girl for 15 minutes, and wow that was amazing! I had so much fun with those headphones; I jumped like a kid who is excited about her coming birthday party! I sang, laughed and sweated!


So I love the SMS SYNC wireless headphones and also love the design with the pink interior. I recommend it to anyone who wants to run that extra mile or push a little harder at the gym.



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