Replace Your Sports Bra

How to know when it is time to replace your old sports bra?

Are you still clinging to your old sports bra? It’s not doing you any favors.

From fabric creation to overall design, sports bras have come a long way

I bought a sports bra. I loved it so much I immediately went back and bought two more. They are comfortable, the support is great, couldn’t be happier. Except for one thing, that was 13 years ago. My gym buddies recently threw an intervention to get me to throw them out.

I’m loyal, what can I say?

When You Should Replace a Sports Bra

You can avoid my embarrassing story if you follow the guidelines below:

If your weight has gone up or down more than 10 pounds, you probably need a new bra. Take your measurements and see if it’s still a good fit. A better fit means less bounce and that’s always a good thing.

Faded color could be from detergents in the wash, but it also could be an indication it’s been well-loved, and the fabric is starting to break down.

Sports bras work with your body. Not enough, or too much give will not give you proper support. There should be some give (but not too much) to the fabric.

Sometimes this is from weight gain or wear and tear, but sometimes it’s because your body is changing as your workouts progress (Yay!). If your bra doesn’t fit properly for any reason, you need to get a new one.

Maybe you bought a running bra, but you’re all about yoga now. Or maybe you went from cycling down country roads to boot camp classes. Make sure the style of bra you’re wearing is optimal for your sport.

One of the reasons I kept those bras for 13 years is because I took care of them. I always washed them in cold water and hung them to dry instead of putting them through the dryer. This is a good policy for all of your workout gear from yoga pants to sports bras. If you’re on this blog, then we know you care about quality clothing and know a little extra care goes a long way.

In the 1970s, a desperate woman runner sewed two jock straps together to help control bounce. Today, the engineering that goes into sports bras is incredible. From fabric creation to overall design, sports bras have come a long way. Here at ActivewearUSA we realize how lucky we are with hundreds of choices. What’s your favorite?

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