Post Baby Resolution

Our founder’s baby resolution report and a short demo video of how she lost her baby weight with fun, easy and short workouts and eating healthy.

It has been 9 months now since I had my baby and I am here to report how I am doing with losing that baby weight and keeping active while taking care of all my other responsibilities. In July I wrote my goals and challenges regarding losing baby weight. Ok, I haven’t reached all my fitness goals (YET!), certainly not the one about having a 6 pack, but I am happy to be healthy and fit.


I was never a fitness freak, I discovered yoga after my second child was born, and soon after I started trying other activities such as Zumba and running. But I have always exercised in moderation. For me exercising may well be getting out of my comfort zone for 10 or 20 minutes.

While I love going to the gym or to yoga, many days, higher priorities at work or at home meant that there is no time for that. In those days and sometimes weeks I had to squeeze my exercise in between my chores. I exercised while the baby played next to me or while holding her. I did a few push ups and crunches on my mat when I had a few free minutes.

This video shows how it doesn’t need to be perfect but a practice, how you can lose your baby weight without spending hours in the gym, and do it at the convenience of your home while taking care of your baby. Enjoy!

In addition to keeping active, I eat clean, and drink a lot of water. Eating healthy food was never strange for me because I grew up like that. My mom was cooking and baking everything from real food. Unlike my mom, I don’t love or have the time to be in the kitchen every day, so I have to be efficient with what I cook and how I cook.

My philosophy about cooking is to make the largest amount of healthy and yummy food in the least amount of time and the least amount of mass. I like to cook all-in-one-pot dinners, such as meat and vegetables soups or stews. These dinners are easy and make a lot of healthy and delicious food that my whole family can eat enjoy for a few days. My cooking involves cutting some vegetables, sticking them all in one big pot with poultry or lean meat, maybe barely or beans, sparkle with some good herbs and seasoning.





  1. Avi, thank-you for sharing your journey. This article is empowering, motivating and inspirational. Absolutely awesome girlie

  2. Thank you tina, I’m inspired by the love and support from girls like you!

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