Portobello Pita Breads

With thick, juicy mushrooms, crisp, cool vegetables and a warm, crunchy pita bread, Portobello pita breads are the perfect light and healthy lunch option to enjoy this summer.


Portobello mushrooms are remarkably low in calories, saturated fat and sodium – but that’s not all. They’re also a good source of fiber and provide several different vitamins and minerals. If you’re vegetarian, vegan or just trying to reduce the amount of meat you consume, mushrooms are a fantastic alternative to both white and red meats.

Whether you’re eating lunch at home, at work or on the go, a pita bread is a great choice. They’re simple to make, come together in no time at all and provide a fun alternative to the boring, everyday sandwich. Together with the Portobello mushroom, I used basic salad greens in this pita bread – lettuce leaves, tomato and onion – because I love the simplicity and fresh flavors, but feel free to use your favorites or whatever you have on hand.

This Portobello pita bread is best eaten as soon as it’s made, when the pita is still warm and the vegetables are fresh and crisp. If you don’t have the time or resources to prepare this dish when you’re ready to eat, you can make it up in advance, store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator and enjoy it cold. Providing the Portobello pita bread is kept in an air-tight bag or box, it should keep well in the refrigerator for at least three days.



½ teaspoon olive oil

1 large Portobello mushroom

1 whole wheat pita bread (you can substitute a gluten-free pita bread)

¼ small onion

1 small tomato

2 small lettuce leaves


Pour the olive oil into a small pan or skillet and set over a medium heat.

Whilst the oil is warming up, gently brush any remaining dirt off the mushroom and slice it into around six thick chunks.

When the oil is warm, place the mushroom slices into the pan and cook for five minutes on each side, until brown and juicy.

Place the whole wheat pita bread into the toaster and toast it to your liking.

Finely slice the onion and chop the tomato into six chunks.

When the pita bread is browned, remove it from the toaster and slice it in half to create two pockets.

Stuff each pocket with one lettuce leaf, three tomato slices, ½ the onion slices and three mushroom slices.

Enjoy immediately whilst warm.

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