An Ode to Thumbholes

Thumbholes have become everyone’s favorite feature in activewear jackets and hoodies, we are finding out what is so good about them!

As I type this, I am wearing a hoodie with thumbholes. After asking friends on social media, over a dozen people piled on with their love for thumbholes. Quite possibly one of the best innovations in activewear in the last few years and here’s why.


1. They help with heat regulation. If you’re hanging on your couch or walking into a cold workout room, thumbholes will keep you warm until your body warms up.
2. They help with layering. If your shirt has thumbholes you can use them to keep everything in place when you’re adding other layers and skip wrestling with the fabric on your arms, keeping everything smooth and saving time.
3. They can help wipe off sweat. If you’re grinding through a workout and don’t have a towel handy, using the sleeve part that covers that back of your hand is an easy substitute.
4. You can skip gloves during transitional seasons. Ever go running and start off with gloves and then overheat and you have to carry the gloves the rest of your miles? Well, with thumbholes you can skip the gloves and adjust the sleeves as needed. That’s a major win.

There is one drawback we have to mention, bathroom breaks. When you need to wash your hands there might be some extra work to push the sleeves back far enough to clean properly and dry after a bathroom run. But the benefits far outweigh the only negative.

Oh, and for the backup towel idea when you’re sweaty. We’d love to see someone design a little patch of terry cloth on the sleeve, wouldn’t that be cool?

Obviously we love thumbholes, how about you? Do you enjoy tops with thumbholes? Do you like them on long-sleeve Ts, or just on hoodies and sweats? We’d love your opinion.

Here are a couple of tops with thumbholes we love:

The Soybu Valerie Crew is ideal for fitness and beyond, this crew neck body-contouring top is constructed with our uniquely textured Free FLEX. The long and lean sleeves with convenient thumbholes make the Valerie Crew the ultimate layering piece for sport or play.




The new Soybu Jacinda Pullover is both modern and yet wearable for everyone. The Jacinda Pullover mixes our signature prints with solid side panels, creating a flattering silhouette and layering piece. Features a partial front zipper.



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