Nope, You Can Not Spot Reduce Or Turn Fat Into Muscle, Sorry To Spoil That!

Can you target the area where you want to lose weight by exercising only on that spot, can you get rid of only that stubborn body fat in your thighs or stomach? This is a mistaken belief that needs to be clarified.

Every woman was born with a certain amount of fat cells in her body. These cells grow and multiply as a result of increased caloric consumption, stress, hormonal changes and a lack of physical activity. When these stubborn fat cells grow, various physical changes occur that may be noticeable such as the obvious look of weight gain or tighter fitting clothes.

The good news is you can change the appearance of cellulite on your body by increasing your lean muscle to body fat ratio.

Has this ever happened to you? Life got chaotic, you stopped working out and you felt all of sudden you’re body was healthier!

Unhealthy lifestyles such as poor dietary choices, smoking and limited physical activity leads to unused energy to be stored into our fat cells.

When this occurs, our fat cells grow, resulting in weight gain and a fuller appearance in areas where you are more genetically prone to gain weight. For most women, this is the lower body and abdomen area. Applying a gel or taking a pill cannot shrink the fat cells in your buttocks or abdominal area alone. I know the commercials tell you differently.

Fat cells typically only shrink when we utilize the stored energy in these cells by exercising, increasing water intake to remove toxins that are known to store in fat, and eating a healthy amount of calories to decrease the body’s surplus energy stores.

I know this may not be what you wanted to hear, but I want to be honest with you. The good news is you can change the appearance of cellulite on your body by increasing your lean muscle to body fat ratio.

Now let’s talk about why you can’t turn fat into muscle.

We’ve all heard the gimmicky commercials where spokespeople claims a particular product helped them turn their fat into muscle. Allow me to explain, once and for all: Muscle cannot turn into fat, and fat cannot turn into muscle!

Muscle tissue and fat cells are two separate structures in the body. Muscle fibers are long active fibers that build and repair themselves when we lift weights. They come in two separate categories, fast twitch muscle fibers (tissues the body uses for explosive activities and exercises) and slow twitch muscle fibers (tissues the body uses for long distance activities such as running and lower intensity exercises. Muscle fibers are known to be highly metabolic and create more energy than fat cells. Fat cells, on the other hand, are slow in metabolism, known to store toxins and can place you at risk for heart disease and other health issues when not maintained and controlled.
Fat is a slow yellow tissue that is utilized at times during exercise depending on the intensity level of the exercise, but is generally lazy in nature.

All in all, these are two separate tissues and they do not convert! However, you can increase the size and strength of one (muscle tissue) and decrease the size of the other (fat) through exercise, so there is hope! Coupled together, cardiovascular activities, such as biking, walking, swimming or jogging, combined with lifting weights, can assist you in building lean toned muscle tissue that burns calories even at the state of rest. Are you feeling more empowered with this knowledge?

I am glad I could dispel this myth for you. Share with your girlfriends they will appreciate it too!

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