Natural Energy Boosters

You don’t need energy drinks or other artificial stimulants to feel more alert and ready to exercise. Try these all-natural strategies for getting you pumped and ready to go.

All of us can use a burst of extra energy, especially when we want to fit a good workout into a busy day.  Natural remedies and techniques work to boost your energy. No need for the artificial stuff. Here are a few easy and effective ways to give you a boost of get-up-and-go when you need it most.


Before you get out of bed. Take a moment to breathe slowly in through your nose until your lungs fill. Feel the air in your lungs a moment before you slowly let it out through your mouth. Continue this breathing technique a few more times. Pay attention to your body and how it is feeling with each inhale and exhale.

Get out of bed and stretch your arms up as high as you can, so high that you find your body wanting to lift up. Lift your feet up to your toes and reach higher. Lifting your chest opens your body to the day.

When your shoulders are rolled forward, it can constrict vessels and passageways for oxygen and blood to flow throughout the body.


Check in with your posture. If your shoulders are rolled forward, roll your shoulders back and pinch your shoulder blades together to hold you here. When your shoulders are rolled forward, it can constrict vessels and passage ways for oxygen and blood to flow throughout the body. If our bodies have to work harder to send oxygen and blood around, then it is using up extra energy just by sitting.

Are you hunched over? Then listen to your mom and sit up straight. You look better sitting up straight anyway! The idea here is to keep the oxygen and blood flowing easily through the body to use your energy efficiently.

Take some deep breaths in and out of the lungs. Feel the oxygen going into the lungs and through the body. If you are able, quicken the breathing to allow the oxygen to flow faster through the body, creating energy bursts within the body.

Stand up and walk around. Get that blood moving. Remember to stand up and walk around at least once every hour. Again this is a technique to get the blood flowing through the body to energize it.

When the phone rings, stand up to answer it. Walk around while on the phone. If you need to take notes while on the phone then sit back down to do so. As soon as note-taking is done, stand back up. The up and down will create energy boosts too! 


Make sure you get some sunshine in your life. Take moments out of your day to step outside and soak up nature’s energy source. If you work in a sunless environment, consider purchasing lights that mimic the sun’s energy and shine them on you throughout the day.


I like to start my day with warm water and lemon. Cleansing out the body and putting something in it can utilize first thing can set the tone for a well functioning body for the rest of the day.

Caffeine? I personally enjoy coffee. It is important to make sure it is a good quality coffee. Just like our food, we don’t want it processed. Processing coffee takes away its benefits just like processing food.

Green tea has a modest amount of caffeine and contains nutrients that help restore your energy. When I was off coffee for awhile I drank Kombucha, a fermented tea, and it gave me amazing energy. It is an acquired taste but completely natural.

Drinking a cold-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice can provide endless benefits to the body, including extra energy. I love to reboot myself in the afternoon with a juice filled with fresh greens!


Some herbs my friends have tried include Mineral Chi, Oat Straw Extract and Rhodiola. I have personally tried Mineral Chi and experienced great results from it, taken twice a day. I have learned to not take the second dose too late in the afternoon as it kept me up at night when I took it around dinner time.

Do you have energy boosters you rely on to keep you going through busy days and strenuous workouts? Share them in Comments so that we can all learn from each other.





  1. I have been eating Anutra , a cultivar of Chia for over a year now. Not only does it give me more energy and keeps me going , but it also has Complete Protein, Omega 3s, Fiber, Anti-Oxidants and Regenerates Healthier Cells. I’m all about staying healthy and looking younger! Anutra has made a difference in my life and I would like to share it with you.

  2. Thanks for such a fruitful informations. Please explain about Anutra

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