Mini Trampoline: Jump for Joy and Well-Being

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline puts a smile on your face and gets your heart pumping. Jump on and have fun keeping fit.

If you haven’t jumped on a trampoline since you were a kid, you may have forgotten how fun it is. You also might not remember how it challenged your core muscles and cardiovascular system.

10 minutes of bouncing on a mini trampoline provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running.

Trampolining isn’t just for kids anymore. It’s an Olympic sport (it debuted in Sydney in 2000). A study by NASA scientists found that it activated a broader range of muscles than running. They report that 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running. Mini trampolines are now popular in workout classes and among active people exercising at home. And it’s just as much fun as always.


Whether you’re working out in your own home or in a group class, prepare yourself before jumping on a mini trampoline to prevent injuries.

Space. Although a mini trampoline workout is an indoor activity, it should be performed in a large area with enough space around you when you stand on the trampoline. There should also be some space over your head, so that your hands don’t touch the ceiling. Raise your arms over your head and check if there is enough space around you. Spread your arms and legs to the side to feel the space around you.

Shoes. Although people wear shoes when working out on a trampoline, I prefer to jump barefoot to help you get a feeling for the trampoline’s flexibility.

Safety. Before you get on the mini trampoline, check that it is set on a level surface and test the springs to be sure they are taut.





Start by standing on the mini trampoline, just feeling your heels, toes and stability muscles.

Spread your legs so that your feet are directly under your hips.

Keep your knees bent and relaxed at all times while jumping.

Allow the upper part of your body to be relaxed, but feel your abs tighten when you are jumping.

Breathing is a very important part of exercise. Be sure to inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

When you stop jumping, wait a few seconds to recover your equilibrium before you get off.

If you’re feeling dizzy or sick while jumping, discuss the workout with your doctor.  Better to prevent than to cure!

Do you workout on a mini trampoline? Share your experiences in Comments so we can all learn from each other.




  1. Wow, great article! Should try it sometime!

  2. Djuro

    Mini trampoline is my new found love. Happy to hear about all the benefits of jumping!

  3. I just remembered I have one of these. It’s pretty old, may have to check the springs but I have one. Going to try this but I am going to hold on to something first and work my way up to not holding everything. VERY new to the whole working out, dieting thing =) Enjoying ti so far

  4. I would love to know which brand of trampoline you would recommend. I have already been researching them and would appreciate any advice. Please feel free to contact me offline.
    Thank you!

  5. Valentina

    I would recommend Belicon or maybe Urban rebounder even though I use Energetics four years and it’s good!!Tnx for the interest and hope you’ll enjoj it !

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