Why Am I Looking Forward to Springtime?!

In spring time for most of us it is easier to maintain an active and healthy life style. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love spring time!

Winter is a beautiful time of the year – it sets a beautiful scene for Christmas and the holidays; it brings the joys of skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing; and it gives you an excuse to curl up on the couch while it’s storming outside with hot chocolate and hearty stews. However, let’s not deny the fact that winter can also be a hard time of year for most people.

Warmer temperatures will bring some moisture back into your dry, cracking hands and face and make it easier to breathe while exercising outdoors.

It’s a long season (depending on where you live longer for some than others), it is cold (extremely cold for many northerners!) and it brings the hassle of shoveling, driving in treacherous or messy weather and having to wear three layers every time you step outside. Here are a few reasons why I’m looking for springtime in a couple of months and why you might also be too!

I don’t know about you but I currently have to wear a minimum of 2, often 3 layers outdoors when I go out to run. Short sleeve, long-sleeve (sometimes two), running jacket, neck warmer, headband, hat, two pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of socks, tights and a lighter running pant over those. It feels like it takes forever to get dressed some days! I’m looking forward to simply pulling on a pair of running tights, or shorts, maybe a tee or long-sleeve and getting out the door without feeling like I have an extra 15 pounds on me.

Good-bye 14 to -13F temperatures, hello anything above 40 to 50’s! The cold temperatures not only make dressing a true test of strength at times, but it can be harsh on the skin (hello dry, lizard skin) and hard on the lungs if you’re doing harder running workouts or skiing in it. Warmer temperatures will bring some moisture back into your dry, cracking hands and face and make it easier to breathe while exercising outdoors.

I love the outdoors and come snow or grass, sun or rain, I will find a way to be outdoors. Nevertheless, the amount of time I spend outdoors is usually cut down in the winter. Shorter days combined with the darker mornings and evenings are more conducive to days indoors or at the gym. In contrast, in the spring and summer, the longer, lighter days make it more inviting to go for long walks, hiking in the woods or kayaking down a river.


The dark, cold days of winter bring the promise of comfort foods, typically hearty meals higher in carbs and fats. In contrast, brighter weather makes it more likely you’ll want to eat lighter, healthier fare such as veggie-filled salads and vitamin-rich smoothies. You’ll also want to clean up your diet knowing that summer is coming soon including beach vacations or running races and triathlon season if that’s your thing.

After many months of white and dark colors, spring brings in green grass and flowers as life seems to waken up again from it’s wintery slumber. The fresh scents and spring colors can lift you from the effects of SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) symbolizing the season of rebirth for your own true Self as well.

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