Kripalu R&R Yoga Retreat

Kripalu is a special yoga and health destination. Learn about Kendall’s experience at the retreat during her R&R stay.

This fall I went on a wonderful R&R yoga retreat in the Berkshires as the Kirpalu Center.

Kripalu is a really special place. There are many workshops, trainings and special events every week at Kripalu. I went with my girlfriends who I did Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with for an R&R long weekend.

The Rest and Relaxation weekend is a really easy way to get a full view of what Kripalu has to offer. It includes all meals, R&R yoga classes (3-4 a day), general spa privledges, and a bunch of learning sessions and activities.

Our group did yoga at least twice a day and took part in a wonderful noon dance class to live drummers. We went to a fabulous Chakra balancing workshop, Thai Massage class and crafting workshop which focused on vision or word boards.

The meals at Kripalu are unbelievable. It is cafeteria style with each offering made with the best quality and freshest ingredients. The food is made simply with minimal ingredients and keeps many food allergies in mind. There is plenty of vegan, vegetarian and aryurvedic foods offered and a great assortment of teas and soups.

Kripalu’s grounds are spectacular with mountains and water views. We went outside but did not have a chance to go on a real hike there. Next time, I’d love to go in the spring and spend some more time outside.

Phones are not to be used in most of the facilities, just in your room and designated areas. Being able to disconnect was really great and you felt the benefits of taking time for yourself at the retreat.

I hope to go back to Kripalu at least once a year. I heard many stories of people visiting every year for over 15 years and always taking away something meaningful from the visit.

My take away was to stress less and my vision board facilitated to be present. There are a lot of great things coming this year so why not embrace it instead of adding unnecessary stress to it? Life is too short.

Have you been to Kripalu or on a yoga retreat? What has been your biggest take away?

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