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How To Kick Start Your Fitness With Yoga

Yoga is a great way of kick starting your fitness schedule.

Springtime can often be the time of year when new year’s resolutions have already faded and the thought of summer is just on the horizon. If you do not have an existing fitness routine, starting from scratch is not only difficult but daunting! Yoga is a great way to begin introducing a fitness regimen into your life in manageable ways.

Start with basic vinyasa flow: sun salutations in the morning to help energize and stretch the body. Plank pose within this flow will help to build core and arm strength to prepare you for more rigorous exercise and movements. Hold poses for longer periods of time for the same effect: warrior two held for ten breaths will work the thigh muscles and increase strength and balance overall.

Additionally, a regular yoga practice can complement other exercise routines such as running/walking or lifting weights by stretching the muscles that you are utilizing in those activities. Build up to repetitive sun salutations to work up to a cardio exercise – the repetition will get your heart rate up!

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness, and having yoga regularly incorporated into your day can encourage mindfulness in other aspects of life. Once you begin noticing your body and having greater self-awareness, the way you treat your body and what you put into it will also change. Mindful meditation can help curb emotional/stress eating which will be a wonderful complement to your yoga routine.

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