How To Keep Up Your Workouts LONG After New Years Day!

Even though we know we feel great when we workout, sometimes there is no time for the gym, which can lead to giving up on our fitness goals. Don’t despair, keep these 5 tips in mind and they will help you stick to an active and healthy life style for good!

Working out is such an amazing, natural high. The endorphins we create in our bodies keep our energy high and our bodies vibrating from the inside out. Sweat is like liquid gold and one of my favorite expressions of late is “sweaty is sexy!”

Working out should be fun yet challenging.

As much as we love sweating, running, and yoga highs, there are so many times when we find ourselves unable to make it to the gym or frequently not making it to class on time. Once we get ourselves out of a routine, it seems almost impossible to step back on the bandwagon. We get into a mindset of thinking that if we can’t make it to our weekly yoga class or the gym down the street that we are unable to workout and the effort ceases.

Working out shouldn’t be so hard and we should be able to workout every day without worrying about our schedules. If that workout is your weekly yoga class, than woo-hoo! You drove all the way there and put working out in your schedule. However, if it’s a simple 20 minute cardio warm-up in your living room, you’ve also made it to workout!

Here are a few tricks to making working out a priority even long after the New Years resolutions start to die down.

As long as you’re getting a little sweat on or taking a few moments on your mat, you can call it a workout. Don’t have time to make it to the gym, but you have an hour long lunch break at work? Walk the stairs with a friend or the neighborhood in the warmer months while grabbing a light lunch.

Personally I am a yogi and most of my workouts include yoga, pilates or some form of restorative work. I have a personal trainer who comes to my house once a week and she includes savasana. If there’s savasana I’m in! I’ll do weight training if I get savasana! But that’s not all, I’ve tried rock climbing and aerial yoga as well as Bollyx, a Bollywood inspired Zumba class. There isn’t a one size fits all for fitness so continue to explore until you find your favorite.

Working out with a buddy is the best. On that days you’re not so into working out, they’ll be ready to go and vice versa. You can motivate, challenge, compete and inspire one another throughout every workout and know they’ll be by your side in the end.


Be careful with this advice as sometimes when we work toward a goal, we get there and then lose momentum. However, signing up for a 5K with your girlfriend or finding a beginner spartan race challenge would be something to look forward to and a motivation to your daily workouts.

I’m saving the best for last. If we put it on the calendar and make it a non-negotiable appointment, than we are more likely to make it to the workout. Put it on your iPhone calendar and get your asana into yoga this week!

Working out should be fun yet challenging. Go to your local gym or yoga studio and check out the events they have posted. Perhaps there’s a special dance class coming up or a hip hop yoga workshop you’d like to check out. Be prepared, schedule it and have a lot of fun with your workouts.

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