Interview With Our Awesome North Charlotte Host

In Sweaty Nation, what we call a city host, is the go-to person for health and wellness in your community. Meet the crazy, awesome city host for North Charlotte, NC, DeLisa Macklin.

Sweaty Nation has begun to assemble the best City Hosts to help you make the most of your active lifestyle in your city. We can’t wait for you to meet this dynamic group of men and women across the US! If you think you or someone you know may be a good fit for a City Host position contact (what email do you want here) for an application! We are thrilled this week to introduce you to our City Host for North Charlotte, North Carolina! We first met DeLisa at an event in Charlotte, her energy and commitment to building a healthy community for adults and children in the Charlotte area is contagious, we dare you to spend 10 minutes with her and not be motivated to tackle any goal!

1.  Name

DeLisa Macklin

2.  City you cover for Sweaty Nation:

I am the happy excited crazy wild host for the equally happy, crazy, wild North Charlotte

3.  Why did you become involved in Sweaty Nation?

Oh because I absolutely love the  Sweaty Nation “life” and its goal and mission fit right in line with what I believe and want for fitness and healthy living. I was so happy to work with Activewear USA on the Fashionably Fit Fashion Show and getting to learn about and be a part of launching this new fitness community has been so exciting. I have been waiting for something like Sweaty Nation and I am thrilled to share it anyone I can.

4.  What’s the best tip you share with clients and followers?

The best tip I would have is to make a choice, then make a decision then make a goal about your health and your fit life and then educate yourself on how to make it happen for you. Enlist friends for encouragement and fun…but make a promise to yourself…then keep it.

5.  What is your favorite way to get sweaty?

I love to run. I started running track at 14 and I have run since. I will run in the cold or the heat or the rain. I’ve run on the track, in trail races, a ton of 5ks, mud runs, triathlons,  halfs, 10ks, Doughnut runs…you name it. I also enjoy and teach Zumba and I can’t go without weightlifting.  I also don’t understand the meaning of “favorite”.

6.  Favorite healthy living quote?

Keep It Simple. It doesn’t have to be over complicated,  cost a ton of money, require a PhD in food and fitness, just move, move often and eat foods that have ingredients you can pronounce.

7.  One piece of fitness equipment?

Running shoes….or dumbells…or a pool…

8.  What are your hobbies?
I enjoy drawing, designing and sewing. I love making costumes for races with my best friend and our husbands and designing and making dresses for my daughters.

9.  What is something you have learned about yourself in the last year?

That I can share my goals and accomplishments and my passions and it’s not self indulgent or vanity to do so. Things that I enjoy…others might enjoy. Things that I wish to try and goals I have might be things that others wish to do or try. Things that I’ve been able to conquer or things that I’ve learned might help others to conquer or to learn…so i have learned that it’s okay to share and that by doing so…i might help someone else!

10.   Goals for 2015?

I want to get back to triathlon this year after taking 2014 off from the sport and I looking forward to racing at Disney again


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