Hotel Room Yoga

Three simple poses you can do to stay relaxed and fit when you’re away from home.

You can keep up your yoga practice even when you’re traveling or just can’t make it to a yoga studio. Take a few minutes to do these simple poses and you’ll be relaxed and loose for whatever your day brings.

This can be a great way to stretch the backs of your legs and your spine after a day of travel. Most hotel rooms have desks and chairs, so turn the chair so that there is a few feet of space in front of the seat. Facing the chair, bend at the waist and bring your hands to brace the front edge of the seat. Walk your feet back until you are in a downward-dog like position. Make sure the chair has enough grip on the carpet so you don’t start to slide.

This pose helps you relax before you try to sleep in a new environment.

You may not want to lay on the carpet in a hotel room, but you can get the same effect by laying on your back with your legs up the headboard of your bed. Prop a pillow under your lumbar spine for some relief, and use this pose to help you relax before trying to sleep in a new environment.

Open up your shoulders to help take the edge off of being away from home. Start by facing a wall (there is usually the most clear space behind the door to the room) and stand up against the wall with your right arm extended straight out to the side from the shoulder joint. Begin to rotate your body to the left, keeping the right arm against the wall. You’ll be able to use the wall to stretch the front of the shoulder, and your face will be turned away from the wall itself. Switch to the other side and repeat.

What routines help you to stay healthy and active on the road? Share your tips in Comments so we can all learn from each other.

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