Leggings That Pump Up Your Workout

What you wear not only reflects your taste, it can affect your mood. Here are five different leggings that will inspire and motivate you to stay active whenever you put them on.

Candida Maria Snakeskin Leggings (Clay Alligator)


Know: Smooth as silk, made of Supplex, these leggings offer the comfort of cotton with the moisture management benefits of advanced fiber technology.

Best for: They hold up and stay cool through sweaty cardio workouts.


Bluefish Sport “Go For It” Leggings


Know: These pants hold tight in areas where women don’t want a lot of movement when they’re working out.

Best for: The wide waistband keeps the pants in place for runs and plyometric workouts.


Hardtail Jeans Leggings


Know: Hard Tail’s tattoo inspired designs invoke your inner rockstar and the pockets on the back side offer a true jean look with a cotton, snug feel.

Best for: Wear them to the gym, then out for a night with the girls.


Bia Brazil Capri (Royal Blue/White)


Know: Bia Brazil Capris have a slimming effect on your legs and the printed waistband shows off your waistline.

Best for: You’ll feel like getting your dance on when you wear these vibrant capris.

Bia Brazil Capri’s have a slimming effect on your legs.

Enjoy these workout leggings whether you go to the gym or just want to look and feel great. 







  1. Djuro

    Those jeans leggings look divine and I bet they would spoil me for all the regular, strech-less and rough jeans! :)

  2. let me start by giving you kudos on your accomplishment Ashley! Just reading your bio and my hat’s off to you.
    I love all the fascinating patterns that are available through AWUSA. It’s refreshing to see something other then the basic black. Thanks for your research on the above brands. :) Tina

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