Be Your Own Hero

Wear activewear that inspires you, roll out your mat and get moving with these 3 exercises which you can do anytime anywhere, no gym required.

Clothes hold the power to transform the way we feel about ourselves. Activewear, especially, elicits feelings of strength, confidence and inspiration to look & feel your best! In the spirit of these uber-cool Super Hero leggings from the up & coming haute Brazilian brand, Candida Maria, I’m happily sharing with you one of my favorite core strengthening exercises – Supermans.

Cardio plus eating a diet of clean, unprocessed foods will help to bring you closer to your tight-tummy goals, faster

There are several variations & modifications to this exercise. My top 3 which can easily be done anywhere, anytime – No Gym Required.
Simply roll out a yoga mat or towel and get moving.

Add these exercises into your weekly fitness routine to achieve a stronger, tighter, sexier midsection. Additionally, cardio plus eating a diet of clean, unprocessed foods will help to bring you closer to your tight-tummy goals, faster.


Starting Position: hands & knees/table top.
Alignment: Knees under hips & shoulders over wrists.
Extending opposite arm & leg – Inhale to extend, reaching long.
Exhale to draw in as you contract thru your abdomen, tucking elbow to knee as tightly as possible.


*Modification: Keep both hands on the mat, simply extending & drawing knee into chest. Focus on engaging and lifting thru the belly.


Starting Position: Stomach, arms reaching overhead, legs long, toes pointed.
Lifting thighs off the mat. Toes pointed, staying strong & engaged thru your legs, inhale to begin, exhale as you draw your arms out down & around to your sides without lowering the legs.
Modification: Arms overhead, exhale to draw elbows down towards your sides/ribcage.



Starting Position: Stomach. Fingertips rest lightly by your ears, elbows wide. Legs extend long & strong behind you, toes pointed.
Inhale to begin, exhale as you lift both upper & lower body up off the mat – feeling both front body & back body engaging on the exhale – abs & lower back muscles.
Modification: still keeping legs engaged, yet resting on the mat, simply lift & lower upper body.


Photos by Joshua Vasko

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