From Gym to Office in 30 Minutes

You can fit exercise into a busy day with these smart strategies for speeding up your post-workout routine.

Do you struggle to find the motivation to work out after a long day at your job? Do you pass up opportunities to exercise during the day because of how long you need for the transition from locker room to conference room? With this timeline and the simple tips I’ve learned over the years, you can exercise before work or during your lunch hour and be back on the job in a half hour or less. Follow my timeline and see how easy it is.

:00 – :01
On your way to the locker room, drink 8 ounces or more of water. A well-hydrated body cools down more quickly than a thirsty one.

You can exercise before work or during your lunch hour and be back on the job in a half hour or less.

:01 – :08
Start your shower with the water on the cool side to continue bringing your body temperature down. This isn’t pamper time, so quickly soap up and shampoo your hair. Skip the conditioner unless absolutely necessary – it needs time to work properly and often takes a second or third rinsing to wash it out of your hair.

:08 – :9
After drying yourself, apply moisturizer to your face while still wrapped in a towel to give your body time to continue cooling down.

:10 – :17
As the moisturizer soaks in, comb out your hair. Towel it dry and see if you can do without the blow dryer. Hair that’s a touch damp is easier to style. Go for simple styles like soft waves or a knot at the nape of the neck.

:17 – :24
With your skin cooled and moisturized, you have time to put on makeup. Try to keep it to a minimum – after all, you have a healthy glow from the exercise.

:24 – :29
Time to get dressed. On workout days, go with pants rather than skirts you need to wear with hose. You’ll find lots of tops made of fabrics that are suitable for the gym but styled for everyday life. They’re a comfortable choice when you’re working out during the day. Keep a plastic grocery bag in your gym bag for your sweaty clothes – throwing them straight into the gym bag can leave a funk behind that will permeate your clean clothes when you’re ready to workout again. 

Take a last glance in the mirror on your way out of the locker room. Smile and congratulate yourself. As you grab a smoothie or salad on the way to work, feel the endorphins still coursing through your body. Your mood is so good, you’ll even be ready to deal with the cranky client on line two!




  1. Thanks for the Great tips & ideas. I started using ventilated laundry bags ( the ones that have a zipper on top) to carry my sweaty gym clothes in. When I get home I only have to carry that bag into laundry room & my gym bag stays fresh & funk free!

  2. Djuro

    Great run-down, Lisa! When I first started to exercise, I would always be late for get-togethers after my workouts. I’d take ages in the shower, and try to do the whole makeup routine form primer to curled lashes in impossible 3 minutes. It took me while to realize what you say here: use the healthy glow and feel good!
    Now I’m more relaxed about going form sweaty to ready :)

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