Get Inspired With These 3 Health And Wellness Blogs

Make the most out of your leisure time and read this motivating blogs, which provide knowledge on health, weight-loss, fitness and real-life stories of someone who’s “been there, done that.”

In today’s world, we don’t have to go far to find inspiration or information for living a healthy lifestyle. Aside from health & wellness-focused clinics (think naturopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic), health stores and businesses, there’s the whole internet-techy health and wellness world on the Internet.

 This healthy approach to diet and weight-loss allowed Andie to drop unhealthy extremes of dieting and learn to enjoy food and life to the utmost

It’s not hard to find blogs, websites and social media accounts with pictures of beautiful, healthy refreshing salads, smoothies and meals or articles discussing the importance of real food, nutrient density and self-care.

While there are many downsides to social media and technology, there is the advantage of using it for good intentions such as motivation and arming yourself with knowledge (from reputable sources of course!). More so than social media outlets, blogs provide more room to provide knowledge on healthy topics including weight-loss, digestion, fitness and real-life stories of someone who’s “been there, done that.”

Here are 3 health and wellness-focused blogs to have a read over!


Andie Mitchell is the writer behind the self-named site, formerly known as “Can You Stay For Dinner?” Mitchell recently published a memoir titled “It was me all along” – a stunningly, inspirational, insightful read on her journey to a 135-pound weight-loss and the lessons she learned along the way.

Mitchell also released her own cookbook, “Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook” that suits her philosophy of food and weight-loss to a tee: that we should eat mostly healthy but still enjoy occasional indulgences in moderation. This healthy approach to diet and weight-loss allowed Andie to drop unhealthy extremes of dieting and learn to enjoy food and life to the utmost. Andie’s blog is full of beautifully, moving, well-written essays about weight-loss, binge eating and depression amongst her recipes of pulled pork and peanut butter mousse. You’ll want to be friends with this girl.


Amie Valpone, the editor-in-chief of The Healthy Apple, has the most beautiful, delicious recipes on her website, all of which are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and nut-free: in other words, free of common allergens that disrupt people’s hormones, digestion and good health. But her website goes beyond pretty recipes, venturing deeper into her own life story and struggles with illness, including lyme disease, hormonal imbalance and extreme fluid retention after years of antibiotics and a stressful, maximalist lifestyle.

Amie found herself again by finding integrative medicine, which focuses on the person as a whole. Amie recently released her first book called Eating Clean: The 21-day plan to detox, fight inflammation, and reset your body. If you’re looking for a blog that goes beyond the eat this, don’t eat this approach, and delves into how self-love (or lack there of) and stress also greatly impacts our health and waistlines, check out Amie’s site.

3. EAT 2 RUN

Sarah J Cuff is the brains and beauty behind Eat 2 Run, a site/blog geared towards runners and/or fitness-minded folks, who are seeking smarter and stronger nutrition to fuel their active lifestyles. Sarah, a registered holistic sports nutritionist and avid marathon runner herself, believes that proper nutrition is the key to getting faster, leaner and staying injury-free.

In addition to blog topics detailing the top 5 essential foods for runners (hello omega-3’s!) and how to recover after a race (hello tart cherry juice!), she provides delicious recipes such as a fat-bombed smoothie bowl for ‘fat-loading’ (intrigued?), power cookies and matcha green tea balls among others. Sarah offers nutritional services to clients with varying packages depending on what your goals and needs are. Clients can expect details meal plans, recipes and unrequited support.

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