Get Off The Bus with Zephyr Adventures

It’s so easy to overindulge on vacation and come back feeling like you need another one. Instead, try an active vacation. They are a great way to have an adventure while staying fit.

We’ve all dreamed of going on amazing adventures but knowing where to start is overwhelming. Often, dropping the idea of an adventure completely.  Zephyr Adventures is a great solution, they do the work for you providing you with a fit vacation and memorable experiences.

Zephyr is a small travel company that organizes escapes that are just the right size, about 12 people, to have an amazing experience and make new travel friends. They have been running active tours around the world for the past 18 years offering trips such as hiking on the Inca Trail in Peru; biking in the heel-of-the-boot in Puglia, Italy; or an upcoming Yellowstone Winter Adventure featuring cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Whether your sense of adventure is big or small, the Zephyr New Zealand Adventure is sure to satisfy your wanderlust: majestic forests, inspiring coastlines, great cultural explorations and world-class wines are just a few of the highlights of our nine-day adventure.

There’s even opportunity for you to create your own adventure with a private tour, great for family reunions and close groups of friends.


If you’re looking to “get off the tour bus” and explore, stay fit and create lasting friendships, you will love Zephyr Adventures.

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