Get Back to Fit!

Use the power of a great outfit to keep yourself in check with this New Year resolutions.

It’s that time of year when we’re easily pumped about getting back in shape. Everyone is talking about their resolutions, and we are encouraged to make ones ourselves. We make promises, we research, prepare, join gyms and buy new gear.




This year, choose the kind of gear that look as powerful as you feel when you’ve just resolved to get back to fit. These clothes will bring back that feeling when you need it the most – when the going gets tough, when February approaches and our routine creeps in, testing your dedication.

Yes, we are suggesting you make a superhero outfit for your fit self! Choose from our newest additions and don’t forget to use the Coupon Code “GETFIT” for a 10% off!




Featured activewear:
Prana - Julz Burnout Wrap
Phat Buddha -  Varick Tie-dye Tank
Candida Maria Leggings - Rubbery Night Out
Body Angel Activewear - Ombre Fuso Leggings
American Fitness Couture - Keyhole Top
Prana - Diva Jacket

And if you have a moment, check out our cute tops to wear with Yoga pants!

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