Fish Oil Facts, Your Brain, Heart And Hair

What makes fish oil so fabulous for your body and beauty and how to know which fish oil to pick.

You probably already know that fish oil is an amazing supplement. If you should take any supplement at all, you probably should be taking fish oil. That is because fish oil is so impressive. It is an all-around supportive dietary supplement.

So what makes fish oil so great? Well here are just 3 reasons.

Fish Oil Can Preserve Brain Cells

Studies have shown that fish oil preserves the brain with age, far better than those studied who did not take fish oil. It is said to preserve brain function for an extra year or two. The fact that Omega-3 fish oil preserves larger brain volumes is important, because shrinking brain volume is a sign of ageing, age-related cognitive decline and dementia, including Alzheimers disease.

Fish Oil Can Boost Your Heart Health

Doctors suggest that fish oil has positive cardiovascular benefits. While studies are not conclusive about whether or not fish oil reduces heart attacks, one thing that studies do show is that fish oil is good for your heart’s overall health. Omega-3 is an unsaturated fat, which can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation in blood vessels that lead to your heart and decrease blood pressure.

Fish Oil is Great for Hair Growth

Fish oil is one of those natural beauty secrets. Fish oil, like nuts and green veggies is high in fatty acids and protein, which stimulate hair and skin. Added shine, silky texture and stronger follicles are some of the benefits that fish oil has on hair.

Things to Consider When Buying Fish Oil

I have been taking fish oil for a number of years, hoping that it helps with my digestive health, including reducing my inflammation. When I purchase fish oil, I make sure to read the detail on the label, because not all fish oil is made the same.

When buying fish oil it is good to check a few things. For instance, is the fish oil from wild caught fish or farm raised? It is a fish based or plant bases fish oil? How high are the EPA and DHA  Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Does it contain soy, dairy, artificial colors, yeast, eggs, or other common allergens? Is it free of mercury?


One fish oil that is pure and high in Omega-3 is Vita Optimum 5 Star IFOS Certified & MSC Certified – Sustainably fished Alaskan Pollock Oil – Made in USA. These Omega 3 fish oil pills come in `80 softgels and can be found on Amazon for $35.97.

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