How To Find A Good Yoga Bra

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right sports bra for yoga.

Finding the right sports bra for your yoga practice is essential.

How to find a good yoga bra:

Based on support
Usually for yoga you don’t need to wear a high impact sport bras that confines you. Comfort is essential so you can flow through poses without thinking about how badly you want to take off your bra.

Organic Yoga Bras
Women with sensitive skin may prefer organic cotton, it is untainted by chemicals, is more durable, and it feels softer. Organic clothing manufacturer use sustainable practices to make clothing that has the least impact on the planet.


Removable pads
My favorite sports bra which I like to wear to yoga, gym, run, pretty much for everything I do is the Handful Bra. The Handful Bra has great support and removable pads which I never remove because I like the extra padding and curve they provide just like their tagline says, “flatter, not flatten.” Unlike many sports bras, the Handful Bra does not give you a uniboob, and they are incredibly comfortable.

They look good under any tank top without a shelf bra or any t-shirt, thus I wear it in my every day activities as well as when I workout. However they are not for everyone, if you have larger breasts and do not need the extra padding, these bras could be an everyday lifestyle bra, but you wouldn’t use it for high impact sports. As a mom of 4 I have experienced large fluctuations in my cup size in the pre-pregnancy to post nursing cycle. This is another reason why I think removable pads are useful for moms, we can choose to wear the pads or remove them depending on the current cup size.



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