How To Feel Like A Superhero

This Pimp Your Mat Challenge is all about lifestyle tools to truly make you feel more amazing than you ever thought possible. True wellness, vitality & energy that makes you feel like a superhero.

Feel like a superhero and #wintheday EVERYDAY! Tandy is spotting you 1 month FREE* beginning April 13th, 2015 when you register for her email course at

With this Pimp Your Mat Challenge you will acquire lifestyle tools that will energize you and will make you sleep better and feel fantastic. This PYM workout is for those who want to feel like a superhero and learn to fly.

This workout creates:

  • Upper Body Strength & Tone – to lift the heaviest of loads
  • Chest & Shoulder Flexibility – to wiggle out of sticky situations
  • Back Strength & Extension – perfect for flying
  • The Strongest Flight Gear – otherwise know as core strength and defined abs

We begin Monday, April 13th, 2015. You’ll receive 1 email on Sunday for 4 weeks with your weekly assignment and you’ll be able to opt in to a private Facebook Group for a daily conversation, questions and motivation.

You’ll learn techniques to improve all the things that create a Super Hero:

  • Quality of Sleep
  • Ability to Seize the Day
  • Hydration & Fuel
  • Workouts
  • Self-Care

Here’s how to win and take part in the challenge and win the $300 Wardrobe Giveaway from
Complete the 30 days + post consistently on Sweaty Nation to be eligible to win!


1. TELL ME YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE A SUPER HERO –> enter name and email address at this link

2. Set up a personal profile at Sweaty Nation -
3. Follow my challenge group -
4. Follow me on Sweaty Nation -

5. Post daily on Sweaty Nation with @pym2015challenge

If you’re not a subscriber to PYM—Use the PROMO CODE: SNSUPERHERO to zero out your cart for 1 calendar month (if you do not cancel your account via the site, you will be billed on the last day of the month if you do not cancel, no refunds) starting between APRIL 11th- APRIL 20th at

You’ll get an email with all the details closer to April 13th. Tandy will teach you how to get more restorative sleep even if you can’t get MORE sleep, ‪#‎lifehack‪ #‎quickfixes for hormone balance, confidence, productivity and of course, workouts ‪#‎onthemat and food education ‪#‎inthekitchen #getyourcapeon #wintheday #beyourownhero


*If you or they have NEVER used a 30 day code or been a subscriber prior to (yes, we do check), I’ll spot the full calendar month FOR FREE if you join the challenge. 

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