Family Workout: Pool Time!

Jump in with the kids and get in a quick, fun workout while they splash and play

Most kids love to be in the pool. It keeps them cool on hot summer days and active. While they’re having fun, you can try these ideas for getting in a little exercise yourself.

Tread water. This is a total body exercises that is easy on your  joints. The faster you tread, the more resistance you create. This will offer great strength and aerobic benefit. Spread your arms out to the side, and move them in and out (this actually happens quite naturally), kick your legs forward and back or in and out like a frog, and keep your head floating above water. If you don’t have deep waters, lying on your stomach or back in shallow waters will give you a similar effect.

The water will offer resistance for you to work against with little impact on the joints.

Squat jumps. This is a great cardio and leg exercise on land and will have a similar effect in water. What’s more, the water will offer resistance for you to work against with little impact on the joints. What to do: stand in shallow waters up to abdominal or chest height, sit hips back and down, press through feet and jump as high as you can, land back into squat position.


Push-ups. This is the perfect way to tone and strengthen the arms and core. Use the stairs, walls, or even the pool deck for a bigger challenge.

Tricep dips. Another great exercise to do on the pool wall or stairs. Face away from the edge, place your hands shoulder distance apart, keep torso upright, bend and straighten elbows, moving through your range of motion.

Swim. This is a fantastic low-impact, total body exercise to take advantage of during adult swim time or while your kids are being watched over. Or, grab a board or other floating device and start kicking for the perfect lower body toner.

Play! Throw a ball, jump off the diving board or race with your kids. Moving with them is good for you, too!

How do you stay active with your kids? Tell us about it in Comments so we can all learn from each other.


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