How To Choose The Right Activewear

Whether you workout indoors or outdoors, choosing the correct activewear outfit when it is chili is essential for your reaching your your fitness goals.

Feeling comfortable when you workout is key to reach your workout goals. But when you look great while you workout, you will push yourself even further and run that extra mile. With todays huge selection of activewear on the  market, it is a challenge for women to choose the right activewear for the activity they are engaged in. In addition the cold months of winter will add yet another dimension when selecting the right clothes to workout in.

You need to be warm enough when you travel to and from your exercise place, but need to have lighter layers for the workout session itself.

When you exercise outdoors, you need to be warm enough but also you need to make sure you can easily take off a layer after you are warmed up.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right sportswear that will make you look and feel great whether you workout or just want to move comfortably throughout your day.

A suitable outfit for winter would be a boot cut workout pants with a tank top and a zip up hoodie, that you will be able to take off when you reach your gym or yoga studio.

One of my favorite activewear outfit is this Jala white fold over pants with a tank top and a cool open back pullover. The fold over pants is very flattering and I can adjust it to high rise or low rise according to my body shape.

When you go to your yoga session you can wear a cool patterned workout leggings tucked in some cozy warm boots, a yoga racer back top and a zip up jacket. Stay focused on your yoga with a good headband to keep your hair away from your face, luckily there are so many fashionable headbands that would look great with any yoga outfit.


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