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Calm Your Mind With Yoga For A Restful Sleep

If you are having trouble unwinding your mind before bed time and would like to have a deeper more restful sleep, these 4 yoga poses are for you!

We may be really tired at night after a busy long day at work, but cannot sleep. Or we may sleep but we wake up drained and feel like we didn’t sleep well at night. Shutting down our mind before bed time is not always an easy task. The nature of our brain is to wander in different thoughts.

Being at nature during the day, and exercising can help getting a better sleep. In addition, Yoga can help us clear our mind and have a more restful sleep. Try these yoga poses before you go to sleep, in order to unwind your mind and have a peaceful deep sleep:

Nadi Shodhana or breath work
Using your thumb and ring finger poised on either side of your nostrils, plug the right side to inhale and then switch the plug of your nose to exhale out the left. Inhale through the left side this time, then plug the left to exhale out the right. Repeat a few times to clear your head. This can be a great way to cleanse the airways and calm the nervous system.

Supported Paschimottanasana:
Stress and anxiety can sometimes be associated with low back pain, which is a common chronic ailment for many of us. Start seated upright with a few pillows nearby, and start to fold forward out over the legs. Once you are about 75% to your edge, use pillows between your torso and thighs to support your upper body. This can relieve low back tension to allow for less stress to the body and mind before bed.

Reclining twists:
Start on your back and draw your knees in towards your chest. Extend the arms out on the floor to a T and let the knees fall to the right. You will repeat on the left side, but stay on each side for several minutes. This will help to massage internal organs and help settle an upset stomach before sleep. This can also aid with sciatica issues. By twisting just before sleep as a final stretch you can settle any internal unrest to give your mind greater ease.

Balasana/Child’s Pose:
This will always be a go-to pose for any time when you need to unwind and relax. This pose imitates the fetal position, which your body will immediately recognize as a comforting and nurturing pose. Start on hands and knees, then sit the hips back onto the heels. You can keep the knees together or spread apart, with toes touching. Arms can be extended out, or along the sides of the torso. Taking long breaths while in this pose will encourage your nervous system to relax, as the compression of the chest will cause your breaths to deepen and lengthen out.

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