Boost Your Workout With Our Editor’s Picks

Whether you are into yoga or running, putting together the right outfit is key to maximize your workout and push you through that extra mile. Here are 3 outfits picked by our editor.

Women today wear activewear whether they workout or not. Activewear is the new jean. 

Why do we love wearing activewear so much:

1. Activewear is more comfortable than a jeans.
2. Activewear is more trendy now.
3. Wearing activewear makes one less excuse why we can’t go to the gym right after work.
4. We women figured out that when we look great we are more likely to go to the gym or run those extra miles. When we wear a cute yoga legging and a new yoga  top we are more likely to push a little farther the next time we practice.

Wearing activewear is part of our healthier living, it helps up keep up with our healthy eating goals. When we look active we ought to eat healthy, and we are motivated to do so.

If working out has never been part of your life, try getting a new activewear outfit and hit the gym.

Here are a few outfits I love.editorspick-inarticle-yoga

1. Hard Tail Jeans Legging Pants
2. Beckons Strength Bamboo Simple Tank
. Omgirl Essesntial Hoodie
. Handful Bra
5. Ahnu Karma Silver Sage


1. UpVibe Onda Leggings
2. Soybu Mira Tank
3. MPG Sport Rain
4. Ryka Hydro Sport


1. Phat Buddha Duffy Square Sports Bra
2. Phat Buddha 125th Street Legging
3. MPG Sport Peace
4. Ryka Exertion – Grey/Light Purple

With the huge selection of activewear, it shouldn’t be difficult to decide what to wear today. And of course, remember to pick your activewear outfit the night before, and when morning comes, simply wear and go to that studio you’ve been meaning to try out.


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