Bohemian Staycation

With a little imagination and a lot of zen you can create a vacation without traveling too far.

These past few weeks, as the sun sets earlier and the nights get colder, I am always looking for the best ways to keep my mood and energy up.

Make a fort with pillows and sheets as your spiked apple cider or pumpkin spiced lattes brew in the crockpot.

One of my favorite activities is a boho sleepover. If a road trip in the fall or winter months seems like too much, opt for an amazing staycation instead.

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is a staycation? It’s simple and can be one of two things. One, you stay at your own home and pretend you’re on vacation or two, you stay at a hotel within 30 minutes of your home.

Then you go and have FUN as though you’re on a real vacation! If you’re at a hotel, you can go swimming in their indoor pool or partake in dreamy room service. At home? Make a fort with pillows and sheets as your spiked apple cider or pumpkin spiced lattes brew in the crockpot.
Don’t forget your essentials:

A Bohemian playlist (with covers of your favorite songs). Think Don’t You Want Me sung by The Bahamas or Latch Acoustic by Sam Smith
Tons of funky yoga leggings, long sweaters, scarfs and mala beads to doll yourself up. Maybe even a fabulous floppy hat!

Money for a fabulous brunch (even if you choose the at home option, brunch is a must).
A travel guide. This may be the city you grew up in, but viewing it from the eyes of a tourist will entirely flip your perspective. Bonus points if you ask someone on the street their favorite restaurant or tourist activity!
Plenty of time for catching up.
Healthy snacks. Think homemade cocoa granola, pumpkin bars and dried fruits.

Goodie bags. You may not be driving, but who doesn’t love a goodie bag? Add in your favorite EOS lip balm, dark chocolate with sea salt, essential oils for your water and an invitation to play ultimate truth or dare.

I hope you have a blast! Leave a comment below and let me know where you’re going or if you’ve ever been on a staycation before.




  1. I love these ideas! I’d also add, get a mani/pedi or a massage.

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